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In the post-COVID workplace, there has been a shift by companies, in the US and globally, to identify opportunities that yield improved efficiency and reduce costs. Many have made the transition toward hiring a remote workforce, or at the very least diversifying their employee makeup.

This sentiment is further supported by a recent report conducted by Gartner, an American tech research consultancy, on the borderless workforce. This is a phenomenon characterized by talent working remotely from different countries based on employment contracts made across national borders. The report reveals a remarkable surge in organizations adopting this model, with the number of companies engaging in fully remote borderless arrangements doubling over the past three years.

According to Gartner’s findings, nearly six in ten organizations (58%) currently have some IT talent working in a fully remote borderless arrangement. Furthermore, the study highlights that, on average, 19% of the IT workforce in companies embracing this hiring strategy is borderless.

At Exclusively Remote, a renowned staffing agency specializing in sourcing remote talent, we have been actively filling these borderless positions for over 10 years. With our deep experience in the industry, Exclusively Remote has observed the rise in this trend and has become a trusted partner for organizations seeking to tap into this global talent pool.

The need for remote talent has increased, especially in regions such as South Africa which have native English speakers. These countries are ideally positioned in the borderless workforce market due to their skills and ability to adapt to remote working arrangements. The benefits of South African Workers are multifaceted, highly educated, exceptional work ethics, adherence to high work standards, and a notable sense of work stability. As a result, organizations looking to leverage the benefits of global employees are increasingly turning to Exclusively Remote to find top talent in these regions.

As the global remote landscape continues to evolve, organizations are recognizing the value of leveraging talent from different countries. The remote employee model offers companies access to a diverse pool of talent, enhanced productivity, and cost-saving opportunities. Exclusively Remote remains at the forefront of this shift, connecting organizations with skilled professionals across borders.