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Hire native English-speakers to work remotely; and save significantly on overhead!

Customer Service.  Admin Assistants.  VOIP & IT Support.  Software Developers.

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Hire pre-vetted top-quality native English-speaking professionals to work remotely in the following areas: 


Software Positions

  • Software Engineers
  • IT Support Specialists

Administrative Positions

  • Admin & Executive Assistants
  • Bookkeepers
  • Customer Service Reps



Get access to native English-speaking talent and put them to work remotely for you. 



Discover the Remote Advantage

Why Exclusively Remote

Experts in remote work

Our powerful and experienced team of recruiting and staffing experts have 10+ years of experience sourcing the perfect candidates for a variety of remote positions. We work to understand your culture and find you a perfect fit for your specific needs.

Professional work standards

We find you native English-speaking professionals who understand your standards of work culture and quality. They will deliver the same professional, high-quality work that you are used to.

Top quality professionals

By hiring remotely, you can remove geographic limits and find the best qualified candidate for your specific position.
Utilize our network of thousands of candidates, many of whom have worked successfully with us in the past.


Professionals who work from home save significantly on travel time and are often willing to work for less than those who spend time commuting. Hire one employee or build a full team and enjoy the savings. 


We can help you find remote employees that will offer you stability.
Our thorough screening process ensures these professionals are serious about staying with you long term and will be reliable and trustworthy assets to your team.

Executive Team

Yehuda Freilich


Meira Beitler

Director of Marketing

Adina Steinhardt

Senior Recruiter


Frumie Immerman

Technical Recruiter

Companies Our Team has Worked With

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Put trustworthy remote native English-speaking professionals to work for you, while saving significantly on costs!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why hire with ExclusivelyRemote?

A: As one of the foremost experts in the field of remote recruiting, you can trust us to help you hire high-quality native English-speaking professionals, who’ve been trained at some of the top universities and companies. We can help you find professionals that understand your work culture and ethics and are looking for long-term career opportunities.

Q: Why should I hire a remote native English-speaking professional instead of hiring in-house?

A: By hiring remotely, you can open your candidate search to a much wider talent pool, enabling you to find a much better match, based on your specific job criteria. Remote employees look to stay with their companies long term, which can help you save time, energy and costs on training and adapting to new staff regularly.

Q: How does the hiring process work?

A: From our many years of remote recruiting experience, we’ve developed a strong process to help you find the right candidate for your position. 

    1. We spend time understanding your company, values and business goals and help you put together a job description.
    2. We then select, prescreen and interview suitable candidates to make sure they fit all the criteria your company is looking for. 
    3. Once they are screened, candidates undergo a thorough background check, as well as a technical test before you interview them. 
    4. Your hiring team would interview the candidates and decide who you’d like to hire.
Q: What if I’m not satisfied with the professional I hired?
A: Hiring with ExclusivelyRemote is completely risk-free. After you decide to proceed with a  candidate, there is a trial period in which we can make sure the arrangement works for all parties. If it some point, this arrangement does not work for you, you may cancel it at any time, with no hidden fees.
Q: How much will it cost to hire a remote native English-speaking professional?

A: You pay a prearranged hourly rate, with no additional fees. Many different variables can play a factor in determining the right package, including the scope of work, time frame and frequency of use of our services.

Q: How do you screen and interview candidates?

A: Our experienced recruiters personally screen each candidate to make sure they are the right fit for your specific position. This is followed by technical, communication and behavioral assessments.

Q: What type of American Software Developers can I hire with ExclusivelyRemote?
A: We specialize in providing software professionals in the following areas: Front End Developers, Backend Developers, Full Stack Developers, Mobile Developers, UI UX Designer, Manual QA Testers, Automated QA Testers, IT Support Specialists.

They are proficient in the following technologies: ASP.NET, C# .NET, Angular, React, React Native, Vue.js, Node.js, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python, UI UX design.

Q: What type of native English-speaking IT Support Specialists can I hire with ExclusivelyRemote?

A: You can hire top, experienced IT Support Specialists, including Level 1 IT Support, Level 2 Support Specialists, as well as Network Administrators and System Administrators.

Q: Do you fill single positions or can I hire a team, as well?

A: As one of the leading companies specializing in remote recruiting, we have the remote management experience and tracking systems in place to help you build a robust team that works well together.

Q: What happens if I want to hire the professional directly?

A: We are a staffing company, however, there is an option for you to pay a recruiting fee to buy the candidate out and have them work for you directly.

Q: Do you conduct background checks on candidates?

A: As many projects and positions contain sensitive information, we conduct thorough background checks on every candidate to ensure confidential information is protected from competitors and the public.

Q: Do you also assist with monitoring remote employees’ work?

A: We can help you set up sophisticated and advanced managing and monitoring systems to ensure full transparency between employees and managers.

Job Seekers

We’re always on the lookout to welcome quality professionals to our database. If you’re a dedicated and passionate individual looking for a new opportunity, we’d love to hear from you!

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