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Despite many technological advances, the recruiting process still comes with its own set of obstacles. While many practices have evolved with the rapid increase in remote work environments, some aspects of the process remain the same. For one, finding the best talent still proves to be a challenge, along with finding effective ways to contact and engage each person. This could also involve implementing a seamless process from application to onboarding.  To meet these challenges, we’ll look at five simple steps for remote recruitment that’ll enhance your organization’s prospects for sourcing new talent.

Step 1: Establish Your Hiring Goals

Goal setting is always a crucial, preliminary step. You and your team will need to create a plan for finding exactly how many people to hire and how you’ll go about finding and contacting them. Most importantly, you’ll also need to line out the qualifications or certifications of potential candidates. Additionally, you’ll need to identify any possible obstacles and of course, establish a budget.


Step 2: Start Your Campaign

This is where you set your plan into motion. For starters, you might advise your client to survey their hiring or career page on their website so that candidates have easy access to information such as job descriptions and requirements, company culture, and benefits. Ideally, the webmaster/mistress or content creator would offer a variety of media, like introductory videos, to attract the attention of potential candidates. Considering that the company’s career page would be the first stop for the person you have contacted, it should be updated and engaging.

In addition to the company’s website, applicants often refer to the social media pages. Social media platforms and job boards (ie: LinkedIn; and Indeed) work quite well for contacting possible applicants. So, updated profile information and transparency are key to this process.


Step 3: Streamline the Assessment

Once you’ve made contact, and the candidate starts the application process, you’ll need to have your assessment ready to go. In the remote environment, assessments have proven to be vital to successfully vetting and selecting the candidates who have the expertise for the position.

However, you and your team should first examine your assessment and screening closely for effectiveness and accessibility. Also, make sure the assessment matches the job’s requirements, whether it’s a writing sample, an aptitude test, or an AI-conducted interview.

Remember that you’re looking for the necessary skill set, but the assessment has to make sense to the applicant.


Step 4: Guarantee a Good Candidate Experience

Another way to keep the candidates engaged is to ensure a good experience. You may want to vet and choose the best talent for your client, but that doesn’t involve making the candidate feel like they’re enduring a trial by fire. During each phase of the process, maintain open communication with the candidates. This means informing them of their status promptly and answering questions as clearly and promptly as possible. Without a pleasant, engaging recruiting and hiring experience, candidates won’t hesitate to move on to the next company.


Step 5: Keep Your Team Informed

Along with the candidates, ensure consistent communication with your team. Even if the applicants only hear from the recruiter, during the onset of the process, the other team members play an integral role. For example, if you experience glitches with the assessment, you can reach out to the parties who can provide an alternative. Or if you find that your social media presence is not yielding results, you can ask for assistance from the folks in the social media management department. Open communication with your team and the client’s hiring managers increases the chance of completing the recruitment process on time and within the budget.

How you and your team conduct the recruitment process can make or break the result. When you clearly understand what your client needs for new talent and devise an effective plan with measurable goals, you create a road map to successfully finding the best candidates. As they go through your recruitment process without any mishaps or miscommunications, you can rest assured that the candidates who cut will stay on course for hiring and on-boarding.


Introducing Exclusively Remote Services

Are you having a hard time finding good talent? Exclusively Remote specializes in connecting American companies with reliable native English speakers working remotely from South Africa. Our handpicked candidates offer a unique advantage, with English as their mother tongue, exceptional communication skills, and the ability to provide round-the-clock service for your company.


Our Candidates Offer:

  1. Stability: Our thorough screening process ensures long-term reliability, reducing turnover and training time.
  2. Professionalism: Experts in their fields, our candidates bring unparalleled skills and experience from well-established corporations.
  3. Affordability: Hiring remotely allows you to access stronger talent cost-effectively, saving up to 50% in overhead costs.
  4. Thorough Vetting: Every candidate undergoes extensive screening and interviewing, often referred by trusted partners.


The Exclusively Remote Advantage:

  1. Understanding Your Needs: We learn about your company culture and specific hiring needs.
  2. Searching Our Network: A thorough search to find candidates fitting your preferred criteria.
  3. Screening: Selected candidates are interviewed by our team to pick the best-suited ones.
  4. Choosing Your Candidate: You receive a list of top candidates for interviews and assessments.
  5. Joining Your Team: We assist selected candidates in setting up home offices, ensuring a smooth onboarding process.

Our commitment doesn’t end with the hiring process. We stay in regular contact, acting as HR Managers for your consultants and providing coaching for long-term relationships.
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