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Are you having a hard time finding good talent?

We will help you find reliable native English speakers working remotely from South Africa


The South African Advantage


Our South African candidates are handpicked to provide high quality service to American companies. With English as their mother tongue, these candidates have experience working in well established companies, have exceptional communication skills and can provide round the clock service for your company.


Customer Service
And Intake Specialists




Medical billers
and Telehealth


Bookkeepers And


Helpdesk Support and
Software Developers

Successful Placements
Candidates In
Our Network
Happy Clients
Years In Business


“Exclusively Remote is one of the best recruiting and staffing agencies we have ever worked with. We’ve been working with them for over the last 6 years filling our IT support specialists and helpdesk support positions. Exclusively Remote understands the culture of our company and sends us top-quality candidates that stay with us for many years.”

– Kevin , CEO, Intellicomp


“Exclusively Remote helps us fill our open roles quickly and effectively with candidates who meet our high staffing standards. The Exclusively Remote recruiting team is knowledgeable in various industries and they are a pleasure to work with!”

– Ken Silenski, CFO, Flybar


“We’ve dealt with a number of outsourcing companies in the past, and Exclusively Remote is in a league of its own. With a professionalism culled from many years of experience, the Exclusively Remote team instinctively grasped our company’s needs, and in record time assembled for us a team of agents with precisely the qualities we were looking for. These agents have since added immensely to our company by providing exceptional customer support, both through answering calls, as well as responding to customers’ emails. Exclusively Remote has consistently proved that they can, in fact, take a business’s success to the next level.”

– Mark W, Unbeatable Sale

Exclusively Remote Candidates Offer


Our thorough screening process ensures that the professionals you hire are reliable and will stay with you long term. Less turnover means less time spent training.


Exclusively Remote candidates are experts in their respective fields and enhance your team with unparalleled skill. They are well-educated and have worked for established corporations.


Hiring remotely allows you to select stronger talent at A cost-effective rate. Save up to 50% in overhead costs when hiring for a single position or when building an extensive team.


Thorough Vetting
Every candidate is vetted through extensive screening and interviewing. Many of our candidates are personally referred to us by trusted partners.

Exclusively Remote is an American
company that sources South African talent
for US-based businesses.

5 steps for a quick and simple hire

Understanding Your Needs
We speak with you and learn about your company culture and your specific hiring needs.

Searching Our Network
We conduct a thorough search of our network to find candidates that fit all your preferred criteria.
Two Exclusively Remote team members interview selected candidates to hand-pick the ones that are best suited for your hiring needs.
Choosing Your Candidate
You receive a list of top candidates and can conduct as many interviews as you’d like, even requesting that candidates complete an assessment or trial project.
Joining Your Team
Once you select the candidates you’d like to work with, we help them with everything they need to set up their home offices, including equipment and technology.

And our job doesn’t end there.

Even after the hiring process is complete, we stay in regular contact with your consultant/s, acting as their HR Managers.
We also coach clients on methods to maintain long term relationships.

Backed by experience and results


Exclusively Remote is a division of Outsourcing to Israel (OTI), a recruiting team with 10 years of experience. Leaders in the staffing industry, OTI has successfully placed 2,100 positions since its opening in 2012.

From now on you have a real partner to assist with your hiring needs.


Fill out the form, and an Exclusively Remote team member will contact you within 1 business day. We look forward to helping you expand your team!

Attention job seekers


We are constantly welcoming quality professionals to our network. If you’re a dedicated individual looking for a new opportunity, we’d love to hear from you!

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What kind of experience does the Exclusively Remote team have?
With 10+ years of joint staffing experience, we have the know-how to help you find professionals who understand your work culture and are looking for long term career opportunities.
Why should I hire a remote employee instead of hiring in-house?
By hiring remotely, you widen your candidate search to include more talent, enabling you to find the perfect match. Remote employees are more cost effective than in-house and stay with employers long-term, saving you time, energy, and costs on training new staff regularly.
What if I am not satisfied with the professional I hired?
Hiring with Exclusively Remote is completely risk free. When you choose to proceed with a candidate, there is a trial period to ensure the satisfaction of all parties. Post-trial, you can cancel your arrangement at any time with no hidden fees and we will help you fill the empty position immediately.
How much does it cost to hire with Exclusively Remote?
There is no one answer to this question as many variables play a factor in determining the price, including scope of work, time frame, and specific job requirements and experience needed. Hiring with us means saving up to 50% in costs. You can contact us to discuss your specific needs and receive more information.
What kind of screening can you perform on candidates?
Our experienced team of recruiters speak with all candidates and perform reference checks as needed. We can conduct thorough background checks and technical, communicative, and behavioral assessments to ensure the quality of every candidate (as requested).
Do you only fill single positions or can you put together a team as well?
We have the experience and systems to help you either find a single consultant or build a robust, cohesive team.
Do you assist with monitoring remote specialists’ workload?
We can help you set up advanced managing and monitoring systems to ensure full transparency between specialists and employers.